Dirty-Spoons is a modern twist on classic American Eateries. The approach to dirty-spoons is to go against all of the traditional practices in todays food market. These practices include pre-made food from frozen soups, meat and vegetables. It is a practice that I have seen too many times from well known restaurants and Dirty-Spoons future customers do not deserve that kind of food preparation when paying a premium to eat at a restaurant. We commit to making fresh stocks and sauces and will not use any base, pre-made dressings, anything pre-made or powdered sauces. When cooks make things form scratch they respect the process and ingredients more than if they just opened a box and placed it in the oven and puts on plate with a sauce made from a powder or base.

Dirty-Spoons will be an all scratchery kitchen were pasta are not bought but made from water semonilla and durum flour. Our pizza dough is made daily and toppings are made in house from pepperoni to salami except cheese can't get a permit for a dairy cow in the back of the restaurant. Desserts are made not bought but made from scratch ingredients. We cook our proteins in modern cooking techniques to ensure that steaks are served at the temperature the customer requested from top to bottom. By extruding our pastas we control every aspect of pasta making. We choose the length, tenderness and shape. This produce a pasta experience like never before. Dirty-Spoons is commited to producing great looking and tasting food that is free from all the bad practices that plagues our industry.

If you are interested in owning a concept by Dirty-Spoons please contact Jaime.O.Montilla@Dirty-Spoons.Com

Dirty-Spoons.Com was Created as my first website project. I have always been intrigued by technology and the ability to create has been following me throughout my career in the foodservice industry as a cook, sous chef, executive chef and as a chef instructor. I decided to create a recipe site to hold my recipes instead of a notebook. The recipe collection can vary in sizes as some of the recipes I have created in my own kitchen and some in proffesional settings. From professional cooks to home cooks are more than welcomed to adjust the recipes as they please. This project has helped me in undestanding the fundamentals of html and css. I have learned what not to do and realize some best practice methods in developing the html pages along with css. I hope you enjoy the recipes and keep checking the site for more recipes and blog post in the future. If you would like to see any recipes featured or you want your recipes posted on the site please email me.